We produce projects that suit your needs and respond to all your demands immediately with our Sales and After-Sales services.

After-Sales Service and Maintenance Services

Ze-No Strapping Machines continues to strengthen its leading position in the industry by always keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. We aim to provide the best experience to our customers without compromising the principles of quality and reliability in pre-sales and after-sales services. With a customer satisfaction-oriented approach, we ensure that our customers continue their business smoothly with our after-sales service and maintenance services. We are at your service quickly and effectively with our experienced and expert technical team whenever you need.


Ze-No packaging has an effective customer service that activates machinery and equipment that can quickly provide on-site service.


Ze-No packaging has established its own on-site maintenance workshop to guarantee its high standards in the fields of development, production, engineering and customer service.


Ze-No packaging offers the fastest solution to its customers by keeping original spare parts in stock.


Ze-No Packaging sells straps of all sizes for the Strapping Industry.


Our highly trained and experienced service team provides 24/7 service in emergency situations along with periodic maintenance service.

ZE-NO End-of-Line Packaging Solutions

ZE-NO End-of-Line Packaging Solutions

ZET Mekatronik A.Ş. In end-of-line applications, it continues to design and manufacture machinery and automation systems for different sectors in industrial areas under the brand ZE-NO in its facility with a total production area of ​​4200 m2, 3100 m2 of which is closed, in Bursa Kayapa Organized Industrial Zone. ZE-NO offers solutions to its customers under the title (End of Line Applications). End-of-line applications cover all applications needed from the moment the products enter the primary packaging until they are shipped from the factory. ZE-NO carries out joint engineering and project work with the German company TITAN, the world giant in the sector, which has been serving in the strapping machine industry since 1842. Using the knowledge and technology of Titan company, ZE-NO serves Turkey and Regional Countries as the Distributor of TITAN in Strapping Head Machines. The remaining design, manufacturing and software processes of the systems are carried out by ZE-NO`s in-house engineer team.

Make Your Work Easier with Ze-No!

Ze-No Strapping Machines Processes

Needs Analysis and System Design

At this stage, the needs and requirements of the area where Ze-No strapping machines will be used are determined. The first step is to analyze the current packaging process and identify improvement opportunities. Then, the optimal positioning and system design of Ze-No strapping machines is made. At this stage, the most appropriate solution is planned, taking into account the customer's specific needs.

During the installation and integration phase, Ze-No strapping machines are installed at the customer's facility and integrated into the existing packaging process. In this process, the assembly and installation of the machines are carried out meticulously and the system is made fully functional by applying the necessary tests. In addition, operators are given the necessary training to ensure efficient use of the machines.

Management and maintenance of daily operating processes of Ze-No strapping machines constitute the third stage. At this stage, operational processes are regularly monitored and managed. In addition, regular maintenance and service work of the machines are planned and implemented. In this way, the performance of the machines is optimized and the risk of malfunction is minimized.

The last stage is to analyze the data obtained through the use of Ze-No strapping machines and carry out continuous improvement studies. At this stage, necessary steps are taken to increase business efficiency and optimize processes. Customer feedback and performance data form the basis of the continuous improvement process and are used to maximize the effectiveness of Ze-No strapping machines.

Signature of Unique Trust and Efficiency: Ze-No Strapping Machines

Ze-No strapping machines offer unmatched reliability and efficiency in your packaging processes. Standing out with its innovative design and high quality, Ze-No is designed to meet all your packaging needs. With its durable and reliable structure, it allows you to package your products safely while also increasing your business efficiency. Ze-No strapping machines provide an excellent experience in your packaging processes and support the success of your business.


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